Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

Lolita Fashion | The Cutest Ms. Misako Aoki

 Let me introduce you to Lolita Fashion Icon in Japan, the most lovely Ms. Misako Aoki. Okay I'll tell you fist why I love Lolita Fashion. It all were because their cuteness. Have you ever imagine walking in the busy street with frill and lace skirt, full of ribbon dress, stocking and cute accessories like Lolita Girl ? Yes that is why I love Japan. In Japan, its okay what ever you dress like? Manga-inspired look/ Harajuku? It all okay and more creative you is the more you will be loved by the people there. My country isn't like that so I'm just love that country (or envy maybe).

In this post I'm giving you some photos of Misako Aoki. I took these photos randomly. So have fun reading guys !

Hugs and Kisses,
Dahniar Violetta
Misako Aoki


Winged Backpack. Isnt it too cute? That one of the reason why I love LolitaFashion

Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

October Wishlist Part 4 | Chicnova

  It all are from Chicnova of :) Click click ladies :)

1.       White Drawstring Backpack with Shearling Effect. Perfect mates for you casual-based-theme outfit of the day. Its simple design in white color will match perfectly when you pair it on black hot pant, sneakers, and simple T-shirt or tank top.  Enjoy your casual day, ladies!

2.       Blue Feathers Earrings. Feathers and feathers. This blue pretty earrings wil also match perfectly on your Hallowen look. Its mysterious, classy and extremely elegant. Go grab it fast on Chicnova

3.       Colorful Hallowen Darling Mask. Since Hallowen is so close, you can put this perfect beautiful mask to fit your Hallowen dress. It is mysterious but it also not scary much. So you can be pretty even on a Hallowen, ladies.

4.       Bow Shape Collar Necklace with Pearl Embellishment. It will rock your simple with shirt dress ladies. Its green color will surely freshen up our gloomy day (or not so gloomy too). 

5.       Ball Chain Necklace with Butterfly Pendant. Pretty much? Yes yes I know you what you all think about my wishlists. Too much butterflies things? I’m sorry I can’t help it. My eyes (or my heart and my brain too) are so addicted to butterflies . It is so girly and elegant  that I cant stop myself to add this pretty necklace on my wishlist.

6.       Pumkin Ring. Hallowen thingy again? Of course. Pretty and cute. These two words are enough to describe this ring.

7.       Colorful Pearls Flower Necklace. Colorful and sweet. Chicnova knows how to make every girls’ eyes  loved this necklace. I’m speechless. It is so pretty.

8.       Yellow Rectangular Fluffy Bag with Fold Front Flap. Another Sling Bag? Sure. In its shiny yellow it will brighten up our mood and our day sweetie. And the fluffy material? ah It seems I’m gonna cuddle it every time I wear it. Just warm like the sun.

9.       Snake Skin Printed Flat Shoes with Golden Glitter Trim. Every girl will love this shoes? Why? Because snake printed thing will be always maximize then elegant side of girl. Don’t you believe? Look at one of my fave fashion blogger, Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought rocks every snake-printed things. Just browse on her blog, you wont believe how cool she is. And she will surely love this shoes I think :)

 Go shop on their website, girls :) By the link I gave you above :)

 Hugs and Kisses,
Dahniar Violetta

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

October Wishlist Part 3 | UP -


The third wishlist is from UP. I'm going to tell you about this kewl and made in Indonesia shoes brand. This brand is a brainchild of Diana Rikasari of Hot and Chocolate Mint, one of my most favorite blogger ever. Her love to shoes and fashion finally made her to decided to open this  online shoes shop. UP have a very lovely service to their customers so everyone will fell enjoy when shopping . Ladies, go check their pretty wedges and sandals on their websites. or you can follow their twitter @iwearUP. And the most loved today for me is that Anna Red and Anna Vintage Floral. So pretty :) Go click and shop on their website :)

Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

October Wishlist Part 2 | Chicwish

 Its all from Chicwish of Go click their website I on the link I've given to you :) !!!

1.       One Shoulder 3D Rose Bustier in Pastel Pink. Say hello to this most beautiful dress. Its color, oh my God I’m so in love. 3D Rose on its one shoulder will always be loved by everyone. As we have seen, this dress’ point is its pretty color, pastel pink and its 3D Rose I’ve explained you before. Its bustier design also will make every girl who wears it looks sexy but not ‘the bad sexy’ I think. Its what we usually we call with cutie sexy. Haha probably It is what I usually call it with. This dress is a perfect choice for our prom party. Just pair it with a pastel pink open-toe pumps or simple accessories like earrings or bracelet. You’ll be the princess I’m sure and yes don’t put necklace on it because the point ‘ 3D Rose’ will lose its point. :) Go to have one cutie pie !

2.       Double Breasted Lace Skirt . Good choice on your girly-but-casual outfit of the day. Its color is like the sun which will shine you day and make it more happier I hope. Chicwish really knows how to make every girl be pretty yet girly.

3.       Dolly Floral Lace Trim Mint Dress. The point? Its mint color. Mint color is like a breeze wind who give us a cool sensation and made us think anything on a ‘cool’ thought. Does it? Yes yes yes. Its lace also a good choice for this dress since lace is so popular nowadays. So every  fashion conscious girl will always dare to have one pretty dress like this by Chicwish. Do you, sweetie pie? :)

1. Pearls Bowknot Camel Waist Belt. Its neutral color is must have one, darling. And its pearls bowknot accent is too pretty too be true,. It seems that Chicwish really knows how to design lovable stuff like this one. Do you think the same, ladies? :)

2. Apple Stone Stud Earring. Sweet like an apple. Yes this earring is just so sweet like an apple.Who doesn't eel it sweet? Everyone does I think.

3. Princess Earrings Set. Seeing its name we all have already known that this earrings set is designed for the Princess. But don't worry darling you don't have to pretend like a real princess to have this earrings set. Dont you know we've all born as a princess? Yes because we're a girl darling haha. Okay back to this earrings set, these earrings will surely match the One Shoulder 3D Rose Bustier Dress in Pastel Pink I've told you above. It will be so matching and prettify ur prom look :). Go grab the fast on Chicwish

4.Butterflies and Beads Waist Belt. Its butterflies accent will surely bring you fly to heaven of confidence darling. Go pair them with your pants or your peplum skirt :)

5.Retro Crystal Butterfly. And yes have I told you that I'm so in love with butterfly? Yes thats the reason why I pick this necklace. It is just so lovable to be true.

6. Triangle Aztec Enamel Necklace. Its so in nowadays darling. Its so edgy too. Go pair them with ur plain T-shirt or Shirt and you'll be queen of Edgyness hahaaa

7.Pastel Blue Merry-Go-Round Necklace. Its so prettyyyyyyyy I cant stop adore it. Its awesome shape remember me of Pagoda in Thiland. Do I right? Anyway, It is a must have necklace darling :)

Hugs and Kisses,
Dahniar Violetta

Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

October Wish List Part 1 | Romwe

 Ladies, I'm gonna show you a lot of pretty stuff that had caught my attention, First is from the Coolest Online Shop. Yes its Romwe, go check it honey :)

1.       Galaxy Print Dress. We’ve known that galaxy print stuff is so ‘in’ too this year. So grab it fast darling. You won’t regret having this uber pretty dress.
2.       Bowknot Wine Red Cullotes. This sweet cullotes will very match you perfectly on your oufit of the warm-weather day. Its pretty color is so hard to be forgotten.
3.       Colorful Clouds Print Elastic Skirt. Like what I’ve said I’ve fallen in a deep love of anything galaxy printed thing. I’m sure every girl do the same. Do you?
4.       Pailletes Apricot Shift Dress. Glittery and Girly. This two words is what I choose to describe this shift dress. Ahh I fell in love with this pretty dress.

 The second wishlist is from Romwe too :). I cant tell you how much I adore this kewl Online Sop. Enjoy, dear ! Above you've seen the cdresses and skirts, now its the time for shoes, bags and accessories. Yay!!

1.       Finger Shape Ring. This is the coolest ring on the trend now. It’s a must have ring for a trendy yet edgy lover fashion-conscious girl. Its cool shape will make every girl looks so fabulous and like what I’ve said before, edgy.
2.       Diamond Bead Lace White Pointed Collar. OMG I love it to the max its elegant design will make we shine no matter we combine it with, such as a simple black shirt or a black dress or other elegant color will match perfectly with this perfect designed collar. I feel fly every time I see this collar. So pretty.
3.       Lace Back White Heels. This pretty shoes is absolutely will be a good investment pretty ladies. You will be allowed to wear this shoes on every occasions. Hang out at mall? Go. Cocktail Party? Go. Meeting up with Client or go to work ? Go.
4.       Hollowed Carving Detachable Collar. Detachable collar is so ‘in’ this year. So go grab this pretty designed collar. Its details will bring every girl fall in deep love. Such heavenly pretty.
5.       Black Wings Detachable Collar.  Detachable Collar on edgy design? Yes this is what you’re looking for. If you get bore of girly-designed detachable collar. This detachable collar will surely grab your love, sweetheart. And I have to say, this thing has grabbed my love too.
6.       Multi Button Black Pointed Collar. Yes I know what you feel right now. I do love glittery thing too. Glittery and shining stuff will never fail to make our wallet opened by us\, rite? Yes, no doubt.
7. Simple Style Buckle Bag. Its green color will perfectly guide you on a casual day. Such a perfect friend. Since I don’t have a green-colored bag, I love this bag haha :DBut Its also so pretty too. Notice and Mark about it.

Happy Shopping from one of The Coolest Online Based-Shop, girls :) Ond yes, dont forget Romwe is free for shipping worlwide? Pretty cool, eh?

Hugs and Kisses,
Dahniar Violetta