Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Happy Bloggers Day! :)

 Happy Bloggers Day, people !

I'm so suprised I've already known that there is a day which is dedicated to blogger around the world  :) And I'm saying Happy Bloggers Day to you all. And I'm saying Happy Bloggers Day too to my Favorite Fashion Bloggers. Here are they ! I'm giving the link to their blog so you can check their awesome blog :) I love they so much :) They are truly my fashion inspiration !

Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform

Mayo Wo

Chloe T.

Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds

Kani (Connie) Cao of Kisforkani

Laureen Uy of Break My Style

Kryz Uy of  Thirstythought

Sonia Eryka of The Riotous Belle

Flavia D.van Der Linden of Fashion Coolture

Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog

Cindy Karmoko of Hippie Gone Mad

Diana Rikasari of Hot and Chocolate Mint
Claradevi Handriatmaja of Lucedale