Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

Lolita Fashion | The Cutest Ms. Misako Aoki

 Let me introduce you to Lolita Fashion Icon in Japan, the most lovely Ms. Misako Aoki. Okay I'll tell you fist why I love Lolita Fashion. It all were because their cuteness. Have you ever imagine walking in the busy street with frill and lace skirt, full of ribbon dress, stocking and cute accessories like Lolita Girl ? Yes that is why I love Japan. In Japan, its okay what ever you dress like? Manga-inspired look/ Harajuku? It all okay and more creative you is the more you will be loved by the people there. My country isn't like that so I'm just love that country (or envy maybe).

In this post I'm giving you some photos of Misako Aoki. I took these photos randomly. So have fun reading guys !

Hugs and Kisses,
Dahniar Violetta
Misako Aoki


Winged Backpack. Isnt it too cute? That one of the reason why I love LolitaFashion

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