Kamis, 22 November 2012


"I'll be proud to say that I'm a blogger. The one who is still trying to figure out what the true I'm passionated about. My current passions are fashion, beauty and blogging. I'll try my best doing these things :) I'm proud to be my self. I'm blessed as my self. And I say thanks both to you who support n hate me :) "
- Dahniar Violetta

A girl who tries and never gets up reaching her dreams. Thats really me

Selasa, 20 November 2012

Lack of Post

Dear my lovely readers,  hate to admit that I will often missing because like what I told before I'm on Senior Year of High School I must study hard to graduated and can enter the University I want. But don't worry If I have new outfit shoot I will diretcly as soon as possible post it. And for now, I hate to admit that I don't have any new outfit post for you. *sigh* Much of apologizes ma' readers :(
Nuff said... Just wait patiently for me, please :(

Hugs and Kisses,
Dahniar Violetta

Rabu, 07 November 2012


Sorry for missing in last three days my lovely readers :( Just so you know I'm now on the High School Senior Year so I have to study hard  and I have got so many to prepared because I have a final examination ahead. And for you who from other countries you might curious what is final examination and what it for. Yes in my country there is a final examination to test whether we are qualified to graduated or not.  Some of you might thought it is so weird but what I told you is the real fact happen on my country. Nuff said....
So readers I owe you an apologize if I will often missing and this blog absolutely will have lack of post :( So sorry. Promised you to do the best to maintain my time for study and blogging so this blog will exist *faints *sigh *fingercrossed
And promised you I'll give you wishlist and fashion diary post soon. Hope you'll patiently wait for it :)

Minggu, 04 November 2012

Happy November !

Hard to believe now it's November already. I got to realize that the sweet and  bitter 2012 will end soon. And now we facing the November :) Hoping this month will taste sweet *faints. And I'll give you November wishlist soon my dearest readers. Just wait it and take a glimpse everyday on my blog so you wont miss it or follow my blog on Bloglovin' here so I'm sure you won't miss it. Once again. Happy November !

Jumat, 02 November 2012

Too Precious

"Don't let everyone change you into the one they need. You are too precious to be someone's maid" - Dahniar Violetta

Kamis, 01 November 2012

Think wisely and Be the winner

"It is okay to pretend like you don't know anything they talk and hate about you such as a silly person. And it is okay too to let them laugh on you. It is no problem to let the looser to be happy like crazy first. But at the end, they'll shamely realize that you do it to bring peace on life. You think everything wisely. You aren't silly and bad-tempered like them. You are the real winner, dear." - Dahniar Violetta

Ignore them and Lets run your own fashion runway

Dear my lovely readers,
     Everyday people are used to being hated and loved by the others, rite? So have you ever hated (or envy) by a group of people of you just because they envy or hate the way you dressing up? By the way, I've got it.
     Since I live in a small city, they're lots of people who can't accept the way someone's dressing or someone's style. Yes, problem of a small city.
     Okay I'll tell you first that I love to dressing matchingly. Don't you girls do the same? I love to mix and match the colors of my skirt, T-shirt, pants, shorts, blouse, shirt. And the fact I'm happier when all of outfit of the day or what we usually call it with ootd match and at least have one of the same color point. And the fact actually there are some people hate or envy me because of it. I can't even understand why they hate it because it is a good thing, isnt it?
And at the end,

"I'm just trying to let the haters busy talk about me and ignore them. And of course, just be my self with dressing like what I love as before. Lets run your very own fashion runway. Try to get the positive point, dear " - Dahniar Violetta