Kamis, 02 Mei 2013


Hi !!
For the next one and a half month I will live in Indonesia's second most busy city, Surabaya. I'm gonna live there because I'm taking post-national exam course here. So if one of you who live in Surabaya and you wanna meet me just let me know and lets meet up XD haha.

It is my first time to live in another city separated from my parents. Okay you can think that I'm a damn spoiled girl but thats the true fact. It is real my first time live separated from my mom. And the whole world know I love my mom so much that I can't even stop to think about her when I'm here.

And yes, My most  lovely sister in the world, Adelia Ayu. I miss you to the death too ma' dear !!!!! Remembering the time we laughed of silly things and the time you always be my own photographer even makes me miss you even more. And of course my daddy is quite important too for me.
So my quote of the day is ....

"Always enjoy the happy time with your family, all you need is to make the happiest memories so you'll remember  that happiest memories when you're apart from them"