Rabu, 14 Mei 2014

Walk That Way // Krystal The Heirs Inspired Style

Glad to see you again readers! I'm going to show you a post that I managed to ask my sister to take these photos when I had a quick holiday last week. Hope you guys will like it.

The post I'm gonna show you is a quite girly looks as always since I'm a real fan of girly looks all out there. Speaking of girly, I'm currently in love with Krystal from f(x) girl group who starred in a popular yet received-high-ratings korean dama, The Heirs. She surely has made me fall for her since the first episode although I've known about her before since I'm a fan of most of SMTown Artist.

But I dont know but her style in The Heirs is totally made me as one of her big fans. Lee Bo Na, her role in the Heirs surely made me love her even more when my bias in f(x) is actually Sulli. She showed a girly, easygoing, cheerful, jealousy kind of girl who acts innocent to her boyfriend, Kang Minhyuk of CNBlue as Yoon Chan Young there.

 Minhyuk and Krystal even look very cute together in drama as well as their real life. I hope they just begin dating for real XD Hihi

 Yoon Chan Young & Lee Bo Na

 The second lead couple of The Heirs who made me fall for them more than the first couple lead
 Her red blazer just make her even more bold and I love her loose curly hairstyle.
 Lee Bo Na have been wearing a lot of checkered patterned blazer or coat and above she's wearing a houndstooth patterned blazer.
 Krystal in blazer striks again. I love the dotted inner shirt.

 Her bubly and cute personality just shines even more in a cute pastel baby blue coat. Her headband makes her even look cutter.

 Plaid inner shirt and red coat

 Elegant plaid coat is matched with ribbon headband. Kinda look like Blair Waldorf style, isnt it?

 Stripes look with the cameo of her favorite cute doll

Plaid coat :)

 Blazers and coat to create a fashionable and dreamy school look by Lee Bo Na aka Krystal

 This is how an it girl Lee Bo Na styled herself for a shopping time.

I love her styling using any kinds of headbands, coats and blazers. She plays in texture, pattern, and style. 

 Cute look. When you smile :)

She can even transform from a girly head to toe look to a boyish look. She mesmerize me as always. Love her style!!

 Headband lover. Lee Bo Na  's headband style.

 I love how her pearl headband shines and matched perfectly with her look
Her point of style is a cute headband, hairclip or any cute beret or hat. Her hairstyle is just as pretty as herself

And here I'm gonna show you Krystal aka Lee Bo Na look that inspires me to create my own look.
 It is just a scene but it totally inspires me to create a look based on her look :) Call me Krystal's admirer.
Checkered black-white or plaid blazer :)

And this is my look :) Enjoy

The touch of headband to make me even look like her style more

Love my pink butterfly necklace. Isnt just too cute isn't t?

Providing you a lot of self camera :) Hehe

Love loveee my new plaid blue blazer :)

An the novel I brought thee is a novel by Ilana Tan, Winter in Tokyo. Ilana Tan is my most favorite novel writer these days. I always had an urge to buy and read all of her amazing writings. Such a hardcore fan maybe haha.
Winter in Tokyo is a perfect example of first love story who turn to be a real love at the end. Go grab her novel at the bookstore.

PS  : Krystal in The Heirs photos all taken from tumblr, dispatch and various blogs. And SBS , the drama provider.

Rabu, 02 April 2014

Minty Garden / Mint & Green Korean Style Fashion

I got to snaped some photos for my blog post on past 4 days holidays I had. Currently in my girly mode as always I dressed preppily. How do you think? Am I preppy enough?

Minty mint flowery :)

I didn't have enough time so I didn't find a proper place to take photos I decided to take my outfit post at the small garden in front of my parents' room. I love the garden ambience which just matched really well with my minty outfit and the flowery headband I wore.

 First selca! Another beautiful hair selca I guess haha! Here I'm also giving you a closer details of my green flowery headband I wore :)

A second selca! I just posed randomly I didn't know how it looks like for you!
  So in love with my mint colored top with gold pointed peterpan collar details. I matched it with my midi black skirt for a fresh Sunday afternoon date :) In this photo my hair came out really well right? The reality is I didn't even style 'em using any hair styler. Beautiful hair day I guess :)

 Take a closer look on my flowery headband ! So cute isnt it?
After abandoned for a while now It strikes again with the touch of green in my minty preppy look.

 My green shoes which also has gold pointed details just same as the gold details on my peterpan collar mint top I mentioned before!
I just love how it both matched really well!

The classy round sling bag which absolutely one of my favorite bag! Liking its fur details way too much maybe! Lovelovelove

Korean Style Fashion Outfit with the touch of Green

 SNSD Tiffany wore a cute green puffy dress when she joined Fashion King program before. She dolled up in the puffy dress and black ribbon headband. and black ribbon belt too.

 Miss A Suzy wore a Kenzo green-colored sweatshirt which made her even more beautiful.

 Yoona wore a green dress to Burberry Fashion Show back day on 2012. She paired the elegant dress with Burberry clutch and Burberry heels. SNSD Yoona looks so pretty in her elegant dress!

Miss A Suzy walked confidently on airport with a simple yet cute look with black skirt and stripes green sweatshirt. She strengthen her look with the touch of black edgy ankle boots and black stockings! She also wore orange arm candy which just matched with the orange jacket.
SNSD Taeyeon wore a green dress which looks similiar with what Tiffany wore on Fashion King. She looks pretty as always!

 Kim Nam Joo looks a real adorable in a mint outfit which made her even more beautiful. I love her hairstyle which made her looks younger.