Senin, 17 Maret 2014

From A Girl to Woman // Korean Style Peplum Outfit

Hallooooo!! It has been so long since the last post I guess. So sorry I just entered college life and I'm still trying to adjust my self to those college life thingy. So basically I have no time to update my blog, so sorry guys but since now I'll try my best to update at least once in two weeks *fingers crosses*
You might already known that I'm currently addicted to Kpop. And yes Kpop its not about music here but also about fashion, lifestyle and drama ofc.
The title above that I wrote is how I describe my self that in 2014 I'll turn 19 year old and on 2015 I'll turn 20. Time flies I guess. This is my trial to style more mature.

White and Clear Diamante Necklace - Forever21
Textured Pattern Nude Colored Peplum Top - Topshop
 White Pants - Zara
White Strap Wedges - Payless
White Belt - Forever21

 Here is Tiffany's pic, she wore white dress with peplum accent when MCing.She's so pretty right?
No doubt :)))

The left pic is Yoon Eun Hye style when attended an awards. Yoon Eun Hye looks so chic while comparing black leather boots with black simple peplum top and she added girly touch by that flowery skirt. Totally fabulous just like the other style.
Girls Generation Hyoyeon looks all stunning with her simple peplum top, white skinny pants and the touch of vibrant neon pink pumps.

Son Dami and Afterschool ex member Kahi looks all stunning in their dress. And the peplum details of course :)

Song Jihyo looks so fresh and young despite of her 34 age this year. She looks chic yet fashionable with hite peplum top with that neon yellow belt. She finished her look with that nude pumps who made her even more fashionable.
Song Jihyo attended an award a while ago wearing printed knee length dress. Her hairstyle also suits her more because of it's simpleness.

I'm a really huge fan of Running Man and my favorite member is Song Jihyo eonnie. She got 'ACE' nickname as she always can to do things by her own and winning a lot of game by her self. She also tends to get winning in every game that has gold prize.
She involves in a love line with other Running Man member, Kang Gary who also is a rapper in duo group Leessang. She attended an award with Gary. She wore a hot red knee length dress which has peplum detail.
I've seen she wore a different type of peplum detailed clothes in different occassions too. Peplum is really Song Jihyo's style.

IU and Lee Hyori strikesthe same peplum dress which shows definitely different feels. IU al always looks so cute and girly-like just as her image as Korean Nation's little sister. And then the Korean dive, Lee Hyori still shows her charisma and strong image despite of she wears a dress that mainly give a girly feels.

Pastel Porcelaine // Ha Ji Won inspired in King 2 Hearts

Halooo girlsss I currently attracted to Ha Ji Won style in King 2 Hearts.
Here some of her style. Take a look!!

 I loveeeeee her combination of shocking pink skirt and those white blouse plusss white blazer. Totally Ha Ji Won !!!