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27 Dresses & Aisletyle.co.uk Bridesmaid Dresses

Hi my lovely readers!!
Glad to see you after a while!!
As you know I've been always an admirer of dreamy kind of things and dreamy wedding is always in my list.
Everyone has their own fantasy of wedding and its almost impossible for girls to not imagine a sweet, romantic and prefect kind of wedding
And I'm always one of them. I adore weddings ad the most important is that I adore dresses. All kind of dresses, and God knows I always have a thing about bridesmaid dresses. They may not always the prettiest dresses at weddings but I've been simply astonished by their elegance and by a feeling at how a few girls dresses in a beautiful similar-designed dresses with sincere and beautiful heart helping and taking part of their beloved one's special day
And let me tell me one of my favorite movie all the time. Its 27 dresses, a movie that tells the story of a woman who madly in love with weddings, Shes been at least a bridesmaid 27 times in her life and she has closet full of every single kinds bridesmaid dresses as a prove, some of them are pretty and some other are just too unique.
Let me show you a few glimpse of the movie

I felt in love with this movie as soon as I saw her trying all herbridesmaid dresses. She's just too adorable. And this movie is now included in my all time classic list of movies along with The Devil Wears Prada and Pride&Prejudice

Now you have to check my current crush of bridesmaid dresses which are the ones from

To be honest I stalk their website everytime I got a spare time.
You know, girls just cant resist beautiful things and I'm always one of them.
And girls you wont believe it, they have a special offer!!

  You can save 15% on 4+

Bridesmaid dresses

Such a tempting offer right?
Let me show their elegant and deadly gorgeous collections..

Illusion Bateau Neck Column Lace Bodice Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Too pretty to be true. Definitely one of their best collection!

Popular Red Jewel Neck Sleeveless Lace Bodice Organza Bridesmaid Dress
 A lively and daring dress. Just click the picture to see more details of this dress. I'm sure you'll be mesmerized by the pretty details on the backside!

Queen Anne Neck Cap Lace Sleeve A-line Satin Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Buttons

Giving anyone a queen's charisma and elegance. A timeless choice!! Suit well ith everyone who prefers elegance!

Modest Bateau Neck Lace Bodice Sheath Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Navy and lace, the definition of elegance. A perfect choice for a sophisticated wedding. Dont worry about the choice of colors. You can choose what colors you want and you will get the exact same dress as you want in the colors which perfectly tailored for you :)

Hot Sale Strapless Sweetheart Column Lace Long Bridesmaid Dress
Lace and Lavender in one. Whats not to love, dear? This one is always my fav. I swear I cant take my eyes away of this beautiful fabric and design.

Gold Sequin Beaded Cap Sleeve Long Sheath Sparkling Bridesmaid Dress

Sequins and touch of gold. Suit well for every kind of weddings from a sophisticated indoor weding to lively garden-themed wedding!! You name it!

Strapless Sweetheart Pleated Long Light Blue Tulle Brid
Breathtaking beauty, love it to the max!

Sleeveless Bateau Neck Lace Appliques Knee Length Blush Pink Organza Bridesmaid Dress

Love their knee length version, a flawless choice for a garden-themed wedding and sure anyone will look as pretty as ever while still be able to walk around swiftly. You know, bridesmaids are always the busy one;)

You gotta check their colllection on their website for Bridesmaid dresses
Aistyle.co.uk Bridesmaid Dresses

You can always choose your own choice of colors, dear:)
Happy shopping!!

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