Kamis, 21 September 2017

Review & Swatches : Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo #1 Highlighter + Shading

Back to give you another make up products review! Now its the uber popular Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo. This product has 2 shades , and the one I will review is shade #1 Highlighter + Shading. This products is quite popular and the super popular Pony is its brand ambassador. Here it is,

Here are my photos for this products..

The packaging is very simple, the body color is black in plastic material with clear plastic tips, its good for me since then I can see clearly the shade and it make it easier and faster for me to do my make-up. Another good pint is that this product has its description as well as the directions and ingredients writen in Korean and English, (Yay english!!!) So for people who can't read hangul or can't speak Korean its is no problem you still can read it in english girls :)
I chose shade #1 since I prefer more of a natural look because I think that shade #2 is too dark for the dark shading, thats why I chose to buy shade #1. Like what its description this products is quite soft and creamy and easy to use. For the highlighter I usually put it on my T-zone, and my brow bone, I have not tried to put it at the tops of my lips, but soon I will, I guess. To be real honest the purpose I buy this product is for nose contouring, and in my experience it applied quite well on my complexion but this product has a very minimal staying power. You definitely make-up primer if you want this product lasts for hours.
This product is good for a daily use since it has a stick form and you can use it easily only by using 1 hand. It provides a natural and light look for your everyday make-up. You can easily put it inside of your make-up pouch and do some touch up needed in the middle of your daily activity.

Here are my attempts to use this product for a full makeup look..

Pros :
- Quite Cheap
- Light and easy to use
- Suitable for a natural look
- Product's description is also provided in English

Cons :
- Low staying power

Rate : 7/10

I hope you like my review, please comment below for any suggestions or requests! Thank you!

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Review & Swatches : Peripera Peri's Ink #2 Get The Eye

Back to deliver a new post for you my lovely readers. Since I have a lot of interests in make-up & beauty stuffs, voilaa the good thing is that I will post about review and swatches of a lot of beauty products starting from now on. Get ready, my dear!
Now the first products I'll be doing the Review & Swatches about is the famous Peripera Peri's Ink #2 Get The Eye. Peripera Peri's Ink is my favorite lip tint so far in my opinion. I like this tint so much that I repurchased it repeatedly. I've tried another brands of lip tintlike from Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree and I still think that Peripera is my no 1 brand for lip tint.

The product comes with a box with the description in hangul. Actually I can read hangul and undersand a little bit of Korean but my skills is still nowhere near the level of understanding the complete description written on the box. Sorry for this T-T The packaging logo changes lots of times, As far as I know, this one is the newest packaging logo. Back in the days the logo is used to be girl cartoon who's wearing a crown. Check below for the picture:)

Source : tokopedia

The shade I have is #2 Get The Eye which is warm toned vibrant pink. What I love at the most is the staying power and how its a tint but not super dry on the lips. Tips : you'll get a better result if you use lip balm as a base to moisturize your lips. Next time, I want to try shade #3 No Way, soon wait for my review for shade #3 

The packaging is also very cute and unique,

The bottle is colored just like the tint shade with a black colored cap. The bottle is made from plastic so its light and quite easy to be held. The applicator is round so in my opinion its quite difficult to apply it to the corner of our lips, I prefer pointy applicator since its easier to apply evenly. The applicator is also quite short compared to other lip tint that I owned like Etude House Dear Fresh Cherry Tint, Tony Moly, Innisfree and Etude House Dear Darling Tint.

The manufacture date is written on the bottom.

When it first swatched

The color after 4 hours with eating snack and drinking water
It stays the same for more than 6 hours if you don't eat, what I like the most for this product is its staying power, it doesn't smudge a lot and doesn't leave marks when you eat or drink from glass. And for the pigmentation, the first color you can see when you open is the tint is orange, so does when you apply on your lips the color is orange, let it set for a while and you'll get a warm toned vibrant pink. This coverage is very good for a tint since it covers bare lips color very well.

Thats all for today. See you at my next post. Please comment below if you have any question or you have product you want me to review.
Thanks for reading :)

Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Summer Essentials : Cute Summer Dresses and Floral Dresses from Zaful.com

Summer is around the corner, we'll soon welcome the season of beach, vacation and sunbathing. Talking about the summer, cute summer dresses and floral dresses is a must for summer essentials. I'll tell you my wishlist for a summer from Zaful.com, girls you better prepare yourself for a lot of eye candies :D Well, maybe you also need to free your schedule for the next 2 or maybe 3 hours because I have a feeling that you will fall deep in love with their colletion , keep surfing and oh yes, shopping!
I love dresses, so do every girls. Dresses will magically make your look and appearance more lady like, feminine and lovable at the very same time. But dressing with a plain dress will be too boring so you need a variety kind of dresses so your look will be more polished, fresh and yes, you can be the trendsetter!

Firstly, It is a load of super cute summer dresses! Cute summer dresses below are the perfect outfits for a happy day at the beach or for a relaxing summer vacation.

Embroidery Strapless Prom Dress - Light Pink
Embroidery Strapless Prom Dress - Light Pink
Pink meets embroidery, a definition of fabulous, girls! This strapless dress is a perfect outfit to accentuate your pretty shoulders and neck line. Its pretty pink color will also make you look even lovelier!

Thin Strap Floral Skater Sun Dress - White
Thin Strap Floral Skater Sun Dress - White
A floral strap dress for a girl who's in need of a comfortable yet still stylish kind of dress. Pair it with your favorite beach sandals and have your very own stylish beach style. Sophisticated!

Floral Print Tiered Chiffon Swing Dress - Black
Floral Print Tiered Chiffon Swing Dress - Black
The exotic black will make you look even more exotic.

Bow Tie Shoulder Denim Slip Dress - Blue
Bow Tie Shoulder Denim Slip Dress - Blue
The timeless denim is now coming as this denim slip dress. Now, look at the details! Bow tie at the shoulders and floral details, no need to say it more. Too adorable to be true!

Crossover Floral Print Cami Dress - Yellow
Crossover Floral Print Cami Dress - Yellow
We can not mention the summer without the sunny weather. For a sunny day, wear this crossover floral dress in yellow. A very fresh color that suits almost all skin color.

Backless Spaghetti Straps Printed Dress
Backless Spaghetti Straps Printed Dress
Now its the time for a maxi dress with bohemian feels. I always have the idea that bohemian look has a very dreamy aura. You can have that kind of aura to by wearing this backless dress. Pair it with sandals or gladiator sandals and a beach hat and you're guaranteed to have every eyes looking at you.

Side Lace Up Skater Party Dress - Red
Side Lace Up Skater Party Dress - Red
When in doubt, wear red! No one can go wrong with red. A dazzling dress with sophisticated cutting and details. Steals everyone attention and be the beach queen!

Have you found the cute summer dress that catches your attention at the most? Maybe not one but two? Or maybe more? Do you want to check all of their collection? Go directly to Zaful.com or directly click the dress link I provide above to shop the dress. Have a good shopping time!

Now its the time for a everyday summer look that you will easily wear everyday for work, meeting, strolling around the town or even for a vacation! It is floral dresses!

Floral Surplice Chiffon Flowy Dress - White
Floral Surplice Chiffon Flowy Dress - White
Personally, this dress is my favorite from all the dresses I mentioned. First time I saw this flowy chiffon dress I can't stop telling my self how can a dress be this pretty and how I must get this dress for my self. All the details and the cutting are just too perfect. You can wear it in every occasions, meeting, shopping, vacation ..... you name it!

Floral Striped Shirt Dress With Sleeve Belt - Blue
Floral Striped Shirt Dress
The vibes I got from this dress are young and lovely. Every girl need one of this adorable dress in her wardrobe. If you want to have the laid back, lovely and young look, wear this dress!

Off Shoulder Shirred Slit Floral Maxi Dress - Pink
Off Shoulder Shirred Slit Floral Maxi Dress
An off shoulder maxi dress is a must to accentuate your pretty shoulder and body line. Wear it with your favorite strap heels and small leather sling bag for a relaxing shopping day around the town.

Flounced Floral Bodycon Dress - Black
Flounced Floral Bodycon Dress
Be a daring woman and show off your glamorous body line with this bodycon dress that comes in the coolest color ever, black! A floral details in the waist will also grab everyone's attention.

Off The Shoulder Floral Mermaid Dress - White
Off Shoulder Floral Mermaid Dress
Lets channel our inner mermaid princess with this floral mermaid dress. Classy and elegant, the two words that popped in my mind as soon as I saw this dress. You better grab this dress soon, girls!

Floral Patched Asymmetrical Surplice Dress - Wine Red
Floral Patched Asymmetrical Surplice Dress
You can be experimental and you can be the trendsetter! Wear this asymmetrical dress. Pair it with pumps heels and clutch for a party look or long cardigan, wedges and sling bag for more of a comfortable look.

Sunflower Print Bow Tie Neck Holiday Dress - Palomino
Sunflower Print Bow Tie Neck Holiday Dress
The very first basic rule in traveling is that you need to wear a comfortable outfit. This dress will be the best choice for a long hours on plane or walking around the amusement park in your holiday vacation. Who says that you can't be stylish if you choose to be comfortable? You can be both by wearing this dress.

Off Shoulder Floral Stripe Shirt Dress - Light Blue
Off Shoulder Floral Striped Shirt Dress
You can pair this dress whatever the way you like, wear it as a shirt with long pants or maybe you can wear this shirt dress with hot pants for a bottomless fashion look. Personally, I think it better to pair this shirt dress with a white stuff to get a clean and fresh look.

Floral Off Shoulder Tie Front Holiday Dress - Floral
Floral Off Shoulder Holiday Dress
For every girls that want to look more feminine and lady like. Tassel and off shoulder is just a combination no one can't resist. Shop shop shop! :D

Slip Floral Embroidered Ruffle Dress With Belt - Light Blue
Slip Floral Embroideres Ruffle Dress With Belt
Not that kind of mainstream design and cutting, this dress will be suitable for almost every occasions. The bow belt details is also a super adorable addition to this dress.

Girls, you have seen all of the eye candies. You can go shop to Zaful.com for more of their collections and you can also find every kind of dresses that you want.  And girls, the other benefit is that Zaful.com provides a 72  hours free shipping worldwide. How cool is that?
Thanks for reading my post.
See you soon on my next post!
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Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Sand and Waves

Hello fellas! Back with a beach themed post. Had my holiday not too long ago and I dressed up in a white dress with a lavender colored skinny pants and a purple daisy head scarf. Beach is always a place for a healing for me. Always a happy time playing at the beach!!! :D

 Sorry for a load of selfies :)

 Introducing the girl behind my outfit pot aka my personal photographer :)

 My must-in-my-bag little magical mirror

 A definition of beautiful sea and sky

Will back to you soon with a review of one of shopping site I adore!!!
See you soon,